What's happening in the appointment centre? Dec. 13-19

Monday Dec 21st, 2020


Our last formal Appointment Centre report of 2020 shows that, although appointments were down over the previous week, it was only by 9.5% - we still managed to book over 2500 appointments! Overall, December has already surpassed 2019’s numbers, with a month-to-date increase of 84.8%. 

Our Sold/Appointment Index continued to remain relatively steady in relation to the past few weeks, with 12.5 appointment on average per property sold during the week. 

Our weekly Top Price Range review demonstrated a jump in the most popular range in Hamilton, from $450-500k to $550-600k. Essentially, the price ranges from last week have simply been reorganized in popularity. Burlington saw a dip in the price range in highest demand, from $1-2M down to $550-600k, however that luxury price point still surfaced as the 3rd most popular in that area. The appearance of the luxury price point in Niagara last week was short term, with popular price points ranging from $350-650k overall - in line with the trends from a few weeks ago. 



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