Spring is in the Air!

Monday Mar 26th, 2018


Here are tips for gardening this Spring:

When starting your gardening this Spring, don’t forget about planting bushes and shrubs! These nursery plants can create a stunning landscape and even improve the resale value of your home without spending a fortune.


Consider the Gaps in your Yard

Determine where you want the vegetation to be. Do you want a full flowerbed? Are you looking to cover the floor in your garden? Keep in mind the size and height the plants you are choosing are going to grow to – this can allow reality to match your vision.


Consider Texture and Variety

Now you must consider the type of look you desire. Some plants will bloom into beautiful flowers whereas others will be leafier – all with different sizes and textures. Determine the textures and colours you wish to achieve in your garden before planting!


Determine Time and Effort

When planting your garden, you should be aware of the attention some plants require. Some require more effort than others so if you are on a tight schedule, low maintenance plants may be a good option for you.


TERRA Greenhouses is a great spot to learn and talk to experts to help you find all the right plants, placement and care for your garden!

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