Saftey in the Home

Monday Apr 23rd, 2018


There are many hazards in your home that you may not recognize.            Children are surely the ones able to find hazards you may not see yourself. Always keep an eye on your littles ones and know what they are up too - It sounds simple and obvious but sometimes distractions can get the best of us.


Having a house safe from potential injuries is the best household for kids. Using preventative measures avoids any injuries such as childproof locks and putting up gates at the top and bottom of stairs. You can also get down to kid level and see what they see. What you see at 1-2 feet tall is different than 5-6 feet tall!


Just some things kids see that look like fun but are not:

Outlets  - Be sure to cover your outlets so kids cant stick their fingers inside


Cords – Instead of having them a mess and in arms reach you can organize and even hid your cords with cord protectors


Sharp Corners – Sharp corners are perfect height for your kids heads, placing a corner guard on countertops and tables will ensure your little one to avoid a gash


Vents – Ensure your vents are properly covered so no trips or slips happen


Small Steps – If you have a small step from one room to the next, be sure to advise and teach your little one to be careful and mindful when leaving/entering said room


Hot Stove – When cooking for your kids ensure kitchen safety as the hot stove can be appealing to a hungry mouth. Let your kids know it is dangerous to reach up and grab by the stove without permission – always better safe than sorry! 

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