Moving with Less Stress!

Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018


You are probable one of the many people who think selling your home is a stressful endeavor. Well, we’re here to give you some advice to ensure you have a less stressful move!


Give Yourself Time

As we all know, special dates and events sneak up on us faster than we can anticipate. Think about giving yourself 8-12 weeks – everything can be done with less stress if you just give yourself time! So take control of the time you are given! Instead of wasting away those “extra” few weeks you think you don’t need to pack up your home, utilize them – pack away a box a day and focus on one room at a time.


Get Organized

Lists are your friend! Make a list of things you need to do and allocate them weekly. Make sure you stay on top of the list and weekly tasks. Focus on the task at hand – don’t get ahead of yourself.


Clear Out the Clutter

When packing, you will find many hidden treasures you may not even knew you had. Ensure you are only packing away the necessities. As humans we like to keep things that have no purpose or meaning – its second nature to most. A less stressful move entails getting rid of the clutter! It will make moving into your new home much easier, as you will only be unpacking the things you truly want!


Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask loved ones to help you! You have many things on the go and an extra set of hands never hurts. This can help you utilize your time more efficiently, talk about killing two bird with one stone!


Say Goodbye

Throw a party and invite your favorite people. Wander your neighbourhood. Feel all the memories you made in your home and enjoy the moment. This will help in transitioning into your new home.


Treat Yourself, Get Enough Sleep & Eat Well

During this so-called stressful time, make sure to take care of yourself. You may find yourself putting your needs on the back burner aka not enough sleep and eating out to “save time”. Make sure you stay healthy and happy during the moving process. Give your self a “Me Day” to do whatever makes you happy, stick to your regular sleep schedule and allow yourself to make proper meals as you usually would.





Go With the Flow

No matter how prepared you may be or feel, things will go wrong – Don’t worry it will all still be okay. Unplanned events always arise so allow yourself to be flexible. Even having some wiggle room will ensure you can adjust to the circumstances in a calm manner!


Have a Back-up Plan

Just a few back up options will suffice instead of creating a full blown back up plan. Having a few back up options will keep you relieved should some major pieces fall out of place during the move. For example – keep a list of back-up movers, cleaners, rental agencies.


Be Prepared to Feel Uprooted

Remember to remain calm. Living in chaos for a while comes with moving. Its okay if you can’t find what your looking for right away – just breathe. Go over lists and know that your organized. Although you may not feel settled and unpacked, it will get done – Soon enough.


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