Decorating for the Holidays – Easter Edition

Thursday Mar 29th, 2018


Being a home owner definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Lets just say decorating your home for the holidays is obviously an advantage. Who doesn’t want to bask in the beautiful colours and themes of the holiday brought upon us? We sure do as Easter is filled with pastel colours, blooming flowers, friendly bunnies and of course chocolate!


Here are a few tips to transforming your home into a perfect little Easter basket:



This Easter be sure to fill your home with cheerful and happy colours. Colours like yellow, green, blue, pink and purple are traditional for Easter in pastel shades. They bring freshness to spring and evoke positivity. By no means are we saying to paint your whole house in these colours! What we are saying is that you can bring the joy and happiness of Easter into your home by adding accent pillows, throws and festive décor. Check out Home Sense and Pier One Imports for great ideas and pieces!



You don’t just have to visualize Easter with the wonderful colours brought into your home, you can smell them too! Essential oils and candles will do wonders for enhancing the Easter scent in your home. Citrus, Fruit, and Nature scents are great to have burning in a candle or in a diffuser. The refreshing and light aromas work perfectly for the Easter season! Essential oils from doTerra or candles from Bath and Body Works could be just what your looking for!



To make your home even more sweet than it already is - just add treats! Chocolate to be specific! Easter bowls filled with chocolate eggs in living spaces is sure to bring your friends and family around a little more! (He he, just kidding - leave it to the Easter bunny to bring the chocolates)


Be sure to incorporate these small tips this Easter to liven up the festivities in your home!

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