Avoid Rental Fraud , Use a Real Estate Agent!

Thursday Nov 02nd, 2017


"Tips for protecting buyers and renters:

Research other properties in the area to gauge if the property is priced appropriately for the market. Does the price seem realistic for the number of bedrooms and location? Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Watch out for overly flowery descriptions and extensive lists of features as these are often signs of a realtor marketing a property, and not that of a landlord trying to rent out a house or apartment. Another warning sign is descriptions of repairs like the roof or furnace, as that is not relevant to renters, only buyers. These are often copied from other real estate sites by scammers to appear as descriptive as possible.

Be careful of ads that ask for responses that include age, occupation, income, gender and more personal information such as bank or social insurance card number; these can often be attempts by scammers to store information."


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